Hello!We wanted to let you know that due to some continued outages we are still working through some issues with the website,order processing and the forums for Tech 威廉希尔公司在哪Support.We're working as hard as we can to get everything back working!We appreciate your patience while we get things fixed.

Enjoy Pi Day with a limited-time giveaway!

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Let's talk about Fritzing and its uses,pitfalls and potential replacements.

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Creating a custom 英国威廉希尔project to show off some nice edge-lit acrylic.

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So we put more categories,forums,subforums,documentation,moderators,themes and stickies on the 英国威廉希尔SparkFun forums than ever before!

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The new 英国威廉希尔SparkFun ESP32 Thing Plus is here along with another Qwiic Transparent OLED!Let's also take another look at the 英国威廉希尔SparkFun Edge,as well!

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英国威廉希尔SparkFun is pleased to announce a new line of development tools to help implement edge computing,including voice and image recognition.

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Guest author Kelly Small shares his experience with the evolution of test controllers from the 1980s through today.

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This week we have a new Qwiic Proximity Sensor and a revision to the popular SIK for Photon!

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With the world accessible in an instant these days,sometimes your local community goes by the wayside when looking for help or common interest.

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Some fun 英国威廉希尔project ideas usin英国威廉希尔g the SparkFun 9DoF Razor IMU.We'll touch on how to send data over Bluetooth and how you might start to use the board to rig up your own VR headset.

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Our friends and neighbors at Sphero launched a successful KickStarter last week for their newest robot: the RVR.英国威廉希尔SparkFun is partnering with Sphero to 1) donate 50 RVRs to schools or organizations and 2) to design kits to extend its capabilities.

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A new Qwiic Transparent OLED HUD,as well as a Qwiic Joystick,are making their debut.We also have two new LiDAR modules!

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A quick guide to using and personalizing Eagle configuration script files to tailor settings to your needs.

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Introducing 英国威廉希尔SparkFun's new microcontroller graphics library: HyperDisplay!What is it,why did we make it and how can I williamhill英格兰learn more about it?All your musings will be concluded right here,right now.

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A beginner 英国威廉希尔project utilizin英国威廉希尔g the SparkFun Qwiic MP3 Trigger for two tired kiddos!

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The AST-CAN485 is back in full force with a WiFi Shield and a 24V I/O Shield!我们还拥有三个来自Zio的新Qwiic板和一个GNSS多波段天线。

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In this week's Enginursday,我们将探讨如何使用ESP32的两个核心,and why you might want to.

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The SAMD21 boards have the ability to add additional UART,SPI and I2C ports.Check out our new tutorial explaining how to set them up.

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